I get excited when people interested in running come to me with questions. Listening to new runners ask questions brings me back to when I was starting to run. Funny three questions seem to be commonly asked amongst my new running friends. They are…

When we were young, each of us had to learn to crawl before we walked and then walk before we ran. Now hopefully crawling isn’t part of your running program, but the idea of walking during your runs should be. Here’s why…

A few short years ago I went to a fourth of July party after running a 10K (6.2 miles) in the scorching summer heat. One of my long time friends at the party told me how crazy I was to run and wondering why I would even want to run that far. To him, there was no reason to be running, especially that far and in that heat. He couldn’t understand.

How do you handle people who don’t understand your running?

With the start of the New Year, many of us have made resolutions; to lose weight, to start running or to reach certain time or distance goals with our running program. The plan is to stick to your resolution or goals as I prefer to call them, and reach them sometime during the year. But what if you have not made any goals or are having difficulty putting some goals together? Here are some suggestions on making and reaching your goals.

Some of you have already started a running program and are making progress. You may have reached some first milestones finishing your first mile without walking, running for 20 minutes or even completed a race or more.

Some of you may also have been experiencing some difficulties Maybe you have been running regularly but not seeing many improvements; tough getting past that first mile or still walking to finish my workouts.

Even though we may not be “elite runners” it is easy to forget about some of the basics once you start getting into a program. We are here with some helpful reminders.

Welcome to the first blog article of our website. Being the first, it was a natural to take our “first step” with an article about taking the first step to running. The goal here at You2CanRun is to educate, inform and motivate those new to running, those thinking about starting to run and those who want to improve. Although many of us may be at different stages with our running, we all share one common characteristic; we started running by taking that single first step.