As runners, we often measure ourselves based on our goals; goals that may include time, distance or pace. We set these goals to push ourselves to run farther and/or faster and when we achieve our goals we are elated. However, when we may not reach our goal we should still find reasons to celebrate.

On September 8th I finished my first half marathon; that achievement alone is reason to celebrate. I have been training with my long-time friend and now running buddy, John Jankowski since July to up our running distance from a 10K to a half marathon. Throughout all the training I set my goal to finish the race in 2 hours and 30 minutes. When I crossed the finish line, my time was 2:36:40, six minutes and 40 seconds beyond my goal.

Now I won’t lie to you. I was pissed that I missed that goal. I went out too fast and the last 3.5 miles, which should have been my strongest, was my slowest that included several walk breaks. But let’s look at all the goals I did achieve during my half marathon training and race.

  • I finished a half-marathon for the first time in my life. Regardless if I walked now and then, I completed it running across the finish line with a smile on my face.
  • During my training, I broke 10 miles running for the first time in my 45 year old life. That day in itself was a celebration.
  • This race was the final run of a 3 year “race trifecta” in which my friend John had run his first 5K in 2010, first 10K in 2011 and finished his first half-marathon in 2012, beating me and his goal by finishing in 2:18! (We ran the Plymouth Run to the Rock event all 3 years). 3 years and 4 months earlier John couldn’t run a ½ mile!

And the biggest success that I have had along this journey has been the creation of You2CanRun.com. This journey started when John and some others asked me for advice on running. The questions kept coming and started to involve everything from training, motivating and racing. It was from these questions that You2CanRun.com was born and it has been a great journey to learn how others have picked up running, been motivated to get involved in some races and like John, shoot for higher goals and achievements.

So celebrate your successes, no matter how large or how small. And more importantly, share your successes with others as you never know just how your success will motivate someone else to get out, get running and get healthier!


Chris Lindley
10/17/2012 10:41:01 am

Great piece Dave! I would love to repost a link to this on my FB page.


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