The 2012 Summer Olympics start this Friday night and many of us over the next couple of weeks will be watching elite athletes compete and inspire us with all of their athletic excellence within their chosen sport. However, there are others that are more inspiring, more athletic and have worked harder to achieve the same recognition. The real Olympics begin two weeks after the Summer Olympics.

On August 29th, two weeks after the Olympic torch is officially extinguished in London, the London Paralympic Games begin. These games occur after every Winter or Summer Olympic, at the same venue, utilizing the same facilities. Paralympians from all over the world compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze in a variety of sports.

You may have seen (very few) television commercials from Olympic sponsors who have included images or highlights of the U.S. Paralympians. Unfortunately, these commercials may be the closest we come from seeing these athletes compete unless you are in London from August 29th through September 9th.


Oscar Pistorius, a double leg amputee, will be running for South Africa in the 400-meter run. See a video of his story. His ability to   compete in the Olympic Games may open the door for other paralympians in the future.

You see, I have been unable to find anywhere on the Internet that the Paralympics will be broadcasted other than online at http://www.paralympic.org/.

True Inspiration Beyond Sports

I became more aware of these athletes from the commercial I saw on television. Every time I see that commercial, my focus goes toward these paralympians and how amazing it is to see a double arm amputee shoot archery with his mouth and feet, or a double leg amputee launch off a swimmer’s block and swim with speed across the pool using only his arms. Can you say INSPIRING!

Rather than write a few sentences about one or two of these inspiring athletes, I hope that you take some time to get to know your athletes. Here is the link to the U.S. Paralympic Team and for those cheering for a country other than the United States,  I have also provided the link to the 2012 London Paralympics.

                                                                                        2012 U.S. Paralympic Team

                                                                                            2012 London Paralympics

You2CanRun was developed to help motivate and inspire others to run, be healthy and get involved in sports. I can find no better inspiration or motivation than to use these individuals as role models in how to live life. In my mind, every one of them deserves a Gold Medal!

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